My name is Stefania Maria Medryk, and I am a 27 year old creative, currently working at Autodesk on Maya as a Product Designer on the Animation team. My work currently involves doing a wide variety of User Interface and User Experience design on a variety of features in order to make Maya as clear and intuitive as possible for the brilliant people using this tool to create their magnificent works.


I began my studies doing Graphic Design; I graduated the with a BA in the Digital Media program at York University, a program which taught me a wide variety of skills in the overlap of computer science and art. I studied programming logistics for mostly creative and some commercial uses, and was able to learn the tools to create a variety of multimedia projects such as mobile applications and games, interactive installations and performances, infographics and more. I also developed an interest and skill set in UI and HCI, and during my studies had one of my papers (A comparison of accelerometer and touch-based input for mobile gaming) published in MHCI 2013.  


During my degree, I did an exchange abroad for a year at Ewha Womans' University in Seoul, South Korea. I took courses under the Media Interaction Design program, and studied Korean while there. I kept a photo journal of my experiences, photos which can be viewed on this website or on my flickr.


I have been interested in art and design since I can remember, and have been drawing and attempting to capture my reality and ideas through a variety of mediums. In addition to design, I love the traditional and digital arts, and am often sketching, painting, taking photos and developing concepts for games or projects. When I’m not doing the aforementioned, I’m playing video games, doing archery, kickboxing and spending quality time with my cat!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!