In REM was a collaborative art video game project for Apple iPad devices. It was done in collaboration with Cindy Le and Sandra Koo for the course Screen Based Fluid Interfaces. In REM is an attempt at creating a game which explores the nature of dreaming and moving through the 5 different stages of sleeping. The user must follow the ‘inconsistent’ aspect of the scene (generally the various forms of a “white rabbit”) which will lead them to the next stage of dreaming. If the link between dreams is not found on time, the user wakes up (game over). We wanted to emulate these 5 stages of REM sleep in the art we used to create the scenery, as well as the length of time which each scene lasted before time out. Like REM sleep, the early stages of dreaming are fragile and it is easy to wake up when in this sort of light sleep. In order to show this in game, the early stages of dreaming displayed things which were more real and feasible (a room, a school, generally manipulated photographs) and the timeout was short, while the longer stages of sleep (full REM sleep) were more fantastical and unrealistic. Using a simple interface and gameplay mechanic, we intended to create a moody and atmospheric game focused on the aesthetic value and fantastic world created by dreaming.

For this project, my contribution was drawing and creating scenes 2 and 4 of the dreamscape, start and end screen design, assisting in coding and logic as well as sound and sound design.  The 2nd dreamscape was done using photoshop to manipulate found photos of abandoned spaces (mainly buildings). For the fourth dreamscape, I digitally painted the scenes of a desert at night, attempting to display them with a somewhat unearthly nature.

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