Saelia was the year-long capstone project for my major, and was done in collaboration with Martin Deschamps and Cindy Le. Saelia is an interactive 3D space which explores using user interaction and different aspects of the environment to exemplify a cybernetic feedback system. Initially focused on the idea of exemplifying chaotic systems in an interactive world, Saelia has evolved to become an immersive and detailed environment, where a cybernetic feedback system triggered by user interaction delegates the physical structure of the space. This core system is hidden under a large world with a story of a doomed alien race which the user is encouraged to explore and interact with; the effects which the user triggers on the environment are not explicitly seen by the user, and the user can only discover the environmental changes by continuing to explore. The users of Saelia become ignorant giants when it comes to affecting the entire structure of the world; the final image of Saelia after multiple user interaction becoming a collaboration between individuals seeking to find out the meaning behind this space and the story of its’ previous inhabitants.

For this project, I was the lead for development of the concept, story and aesthetic of the world; designed the cybernetic feedback system that translated the users’ interactions into long term changes to the world. I created, modeled and textured the 3D models using Autodesk Maya 2013 and Unity; designed and implemented user interactions according to the aesthetic of the world in order to create an immersive user experience and story.

For this project, I also kept and updated a development blog throughout the process. The blog can be viewed here.
The project was one of the two from this class chosen to be exhibited at the Norman Felix Gallery in Toronto from Tuesday April 16th, 2013 until Saturday April 27th, 2013. The
project was also showcased at Toronto’s Level Up Showcase in April, 2013.

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